Homestays (the host family) are at the heart of successful Guardianship. They are the ‘home away from home’ for your child and will play an important part in their time spent in the UK. BOSSS UK have a large number of homestays available with whom we place our students when schools are closed for the school holidays, half terms and Exeat Weekends.




Before a homestay can be entrusted with the care of an overseas student, they undergo a rigorous vetting procedure. This includes completing safer recruitment interview and assessment in order to determine their suitability. The interview and assessment questionnaire covers all members of the family, including children, and takes into account both their domestic, social lives and background. 

All of our homestay families are Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checked which includes checking the family’s background with the police, local social services, central government departments responsible for health and education. Visits are also conducted to the homestays main residence to assess the suitability of the accommodation; environment and well being are acceptable for an overseas student.

Only when we are totally satisfied, having performed DBS checks including references and identity checks is the family allowed to join our list of homestay family entrusted with the care of overseas students.

BOSSS UK recognises the importance of your child feeling welcome and part of a family when they are abroad. It is our aim to make the experience with their host as happy and enjoyable as possible and to encourage them to have a positive new cultural experience whilst away from their families.

The homestay will provide three meals per day. A usual breakfast would consist of toast, cereal and perhaps a soft-boiled egg; Lunch could be soup, sandwich, salad or noodles. Most homestays will have their main meal in the evening, which could include meat or fish with potatoes and vegetables or perhaps a pasta dish and a dessert.

If you have a special request, please tell your host and they will try their best to accommodate you. If you are hungry, please ask your host family for a snack. For older students, your homestay may appreciate if you offer to cook a traditional dish from your country!

You will be provided with a single or twin room (two beds). All rooms will have a comfortable, standard size bed with a bright lamp and a desk for working as a minimum.

You may have to share a bathroom with your homestay family. For consideration, please ask them the most convenient time for you to use the bathroom and shower in the mornings and evenings. Remember do not wastewater by leaving taps running.

The homestay will often need to be up early, so please do not make them late for work!

Hosts are always happy to help you with any washing you may have or teach you how to use their washing machine, but please ask before you use it.

Our homestays offer much more than accommodation, meals and a safe haven; they play a vital role in your child’s physical and emotional wellbeing. The homestay will encourage students to join their family life, arrange activities and excursions so do enjoy your interactions with them.

They are experienced in caring for children who live away from their home countries and have been selected for their kind, thoughtful and supportive attitude.

We try to match our host families to our students as closely as possible in terms of interests and outlook on life, and most students will return to the same homestay for all their stays.

Often, more than one student of a similar age will be staying with a homestay at any one time. In our experience, students prefer this as it offers them additional company and friendship during what is essentially a holiday period.

The homestay registration form is available to download from this website. Simply click on the logo below to start the download: